Monday, April 29, 2013

Installing the magic 4; Debian, Transmission, SickBeard, and Plex (part 3)

This serie of blog posts will cover the installation of Debian, Transmission, Sickbeard and Plex.

Part 1: Installation of Debian and Transmission
Part 2: Installation of Sickbeard and Plex
Part 3: Configuration

The final step is to configure it all. Transmission was already configured with the settings file, but Sickbeard and Plex need to be configured on their web-portal.

But first we need to determine where to store our library. In our case we'll store it under /var/lib/sickbeard:
$ sudo mkdir /var/lib/sickbeard
$ sudo chmod 666 /var/lib/sickbeard
Now we can setup sickbeard to automatically download the shows we add later. Enabled the Torrent Search in the Search Settings:

Select EZBB in the Search Providers:

 And Scan and process in the Post Processing settings:

Now we're ready to add shows. Just follow the wizard and make sure the root directory is /var/lib/sickbeard.

At last but not least add the TV-shows directory to Plex and let sickbeard connect to plex when a download is finished:

Now install Plex clients on all possible devices you have laying around and starts streaming like a maniac!

Please let me know in the comments if you have encounter any problems or if you need help with the setup.


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