Monday, March 24, 2014

Running Transmission as a Windows service

I've recently updated my netbook server to a full-blown core i3 system with Windows 8.1. Transmission, the torrent client of my choice, can be very easily installed under windows as a service.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the client and cygrunsrv  (both .zip). from:
  2. Extract the transmission executables to a folder (in my case c:\apps\transmission)
  3. Extract cygrunsrv to the same folder
  4. Starts a command prompt as administrator and go to the transmission directory (cd c:\apps\transmission)
  5. Execute cygrunsrv --install TransmissionBT --path c:/Apps/transmission/transmission-daemon.exe -a "--pid-file --foreground" -e HOME=c:/Apps/transmission/ -e TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME=c:/Apps/transmission/web --stdout c:/Apps/transmission/log/transmissionbt.log --stderr c:/Apps/transmission/log/transmissionbt.error.log
To make the whole setup beyond awesome, install the chrome plugin .torrent to transmission. Now you can just right click every .torrent or magnet link and just sent it to transmission.

Happy leeching!


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