Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to add a big fat TFS "Source Control" button in your toolbar

As developer we spend a lot of time in Source Control. In VS2010 there isn't a default big Source Control button in the toolbar, and because I always forget how to add it back after a reset settings, here's how I do it: First click on the little arrow-down next to the toolbar you want the Source Control button in, then Add or Remove buttons followed by Customize.
Click on Add command and look for View in the left column and TfsSourceContolExplorer in the right column (be patient, clicking on view takes a couple of seconds). And click OK.
Click on Modify selection to Rename the button, begin a new group and make sure the Image and Text is selected!
Bazinga! The 'never have to look for source control'-button is there to be clicked!

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